Midsummer Day at the Beach

My first born was very much afraid of water when he was a baby. His father and I always wondered when people said “Oh, bathing babies is easy, they all love water.” That wasn’t the case with him. Maybe that is why this picture means so much to me. It was my son’s first summer and at that time he started to like water. At that time (summer 2005) I only had a film camera, Canon T60 and shooting with it required a lot of patience. You could only see the images after developing the film and sometimes it was all rubbish and sometimes there were treasures. This is one of the treasures. I love the way you can see the drops in the air and the way my husband squints his eye when he gets water in it. But the best part is the little kiddo, how he finally realizes that playing in water can be fun.

Today we went to the same beach. It happens to be midsummer day, which is a huge thing in Finland. Everybody is off work enjoying the best part of the summer. I have now two sons and they were having so much fun at the beach that we had hard time trying to convince them to leave. Both my sons are very energetic and self-confident, and that is something you can see in the picture.

All my pictures have been shot in natural light and I don’t alter the original images afterwards. I enjoy enormously studying the differences in light and shadow and these two pictures are good examples of that. I think black and white gives extra emphasis on textures, mood and light. At the beach today there were some trees casting shadows on the boys. Just when I took this one, there was a gust of wind that made the sun came out from between the trees and it lit my son’s face. Wonderful spell of uck, or what do you think?


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