That Lake

I travel a lot. My Flickr Map says I’ve visited 15 states and I’m not sure if that’s all. Still my favorite place in the world is just two miles from my house. It’s That Lake that you can see in most of my pictures. I can reach it in just ten minute’s walk through the forest and most of that walk is by a wonderful creek with interesting light and reflections, old trees and beautiful plants.

Autumn Lake

That Lake is a very healthy lake. It has very clear water and it never gets algae even though almost all natural waters in Finland get blue algae in the late summer months, even the sea. My biologist friends say it’s due to the acid-alkali-balance in the water. Where does that right balance come from then? Well, they tell me that it’s because the lake is in the middle of a forest, there are no fertilized fields next to it, and the cliffs surrounding it also contribute to that. And I’ve heard that the lake is really deep, and it’s not hard to believe it when you see the high cliffs surrounding it, you can just imagine them reaching down with similar grandeur. It would be wonderful to dive down to see that some day. So far I’ve never seen divers at the lake, only skiers, skaters, Scouts, ice fishermen, trekkers, campers and swimmers. By the way my two sons learned to skate on that ice and that year the ice was so smooth that it was even better to skate on the lake than the artificial ice they made with hoses and tractors on the school yard.

Foggy Lake

In the picture above  you can see That Lake on a very foggy April morning. I was just about to leave to Denmark with a group of students and all the details of the trip were causing me a lot of stress. Sitting by that wonderful view made me forget all the paper work for a while. The air was so humid that day that you can even see little droplets on the branches even though it wasn’t raining. In the other picture I took in October, six months later, from the exact same spot. When I walked there through the forest I had this shot in my mind all along. I am happy that the light happened to be in my favor that day. Sometimes I wonder if there is going to be a day when I feel like I’ve taken all the possible photos of That Lake and there is nothing more to photograph. It’s very hard to believe, because it seems that I can take a photo of the exact same spot every day and each of those photos will turn out very differently. These two certainly did.

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