Merry Christmas!

My Christmas holiday starts tomorrow and I will be traveling most of the time. Hope you’ll come back to see my travel photos in January.

It’s time to thank you all for showing interest in my work. I started posting my pictures in the internet exactly one year ago and I could never imagine I would get such wonderful friends here from all over the world. 246 people follow my work in Flickr with about 300 picture views every day. People who have visited my Flickr page come from 47 different countries in the world. In Twitter I have 409 followers and almost every week I’m in top 5 in the Finnish Follow Friday list. This blog is a new challenge for me, and at first I felt very uneasy writing in English, after all it is a foreign language to me. Thank you so much for encouraging me to write. Yesterday was an all time record in my blog visits, there were about 90 page views and so far over 90 people have read my latest blog post ‘About Light and What It Is Like Being Without It’.

Sharing my work with you has been very enjoyable and encouraging. It makes me feel very privileged and humble that so many people enjoy viewing my images. I am very happy and extremely grateful for your interest in my work. Hope to talk to you all soon!

Enjoy your holiday!

Hyvää Joulua! God Jul! Merry Christmas!


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