Life in the Abstract

Every once in a while I get lost in the abstract world. This happens in particular after a long period of street shots and landscapes. I feel it’s somehow inevitable and necessary, to do something else for awhile. After doing a certain amount of landscapes it seems that they start to lose their meaning and become just landscapes after another. I feel like my vision gets blurred and like a rainy windshield it needs a wipe and that wipe is a set of really absurd abstracts.

Last weekend when snow shoeing I came across a huge wall of icicles hanging out from a very tall cliff. It was a delightful view and I spent the afternoon studying the icicles from different angles. Unfortunately there wasn’t any direct sun light because the place was surrounded by tall pines but there was a subtle light reflecting from the snow. I was fascinated by the various ice formations and got lost in the abstract patterns they created.

Glow II

I still have a few more images on this set and this world of ice I intend to enjoy this week – imagining myself microscopically small exploring the frosty surfaces and unexpected walls and turns. And after this absurd set of abstracts my windshield probably needs a good wipe all over again – and that time maybe I’ll turn to portraits, or who knows maybe it’ll start snowing again.


6 thoughts on “Life in the Abstract

  1. It’s the details that make the world interesting, the small things that make sense of the bigger picture and you’ve shown this beautifully, Annika. Lovely images. Agree very much with your words. Thank you for posting :))

  2. i have been in a period of not taking photos for weeks and weeks.
    yet, i am starting to come out of it again.
    i guess i needed a total rest.

    good to meet you here and on twitter.

    1. Hi Nance Marie and thank you for your comment! I recognize that feeling and also take breaks also every now and then. Thanks for the visit on my page and thank you for blogging my interview!

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