This February seems like March here in Finland. Temperatures rise above freezing and sunlight gets brighter day by day. The piles of snow still reach up to the windowsills but it’s wet snow and it won’t take long before it’s gone. Well… long is a relative term, in this case meaning one or two months. It is amazing how spring light has it’s own unique quality, there’s nothing quite like it and it’s unbelievable how much energy you can get from it.

Last Days of Winter
Due to my leg operation I will be homebound for two weeks going through archives and  watching from my window how the spring arrives and the snow melts. Hopefully someone will bring me tulips to photograph, maybe I’ll let them dry out like I did last spring and see what comes out of that. Or maybe I’ll find something new to do this time. I don’t know if it’s the spring light or the unexpected recognition from other artists that I’ve received lately that does this for me, but I have tons of ideas for new pictures and I can’t wait to get out of bed. I’m extremely grateful to Drew who included me to the 21 artists to watch in 2011 list and wrote such a wonderful description about my work. I think it’s so great that there are people who want to encourage and support artists, at least for me it gives an enormous amount of energy, confidence and determination in what I do.Diva

Not getting out to the forest is going to be a struggle for me. It is out there where I unwind and reload, it is a place where all the nonsignificant details of modern life cease to exist and everything seems so uncomplicated. Out there one can get rid of the noise that can make one numb for the beauty in life. Taking my time to heal can be difficult but knowing that the forest will still be there after two weeks and knowing that it will probably be filled with glorious spring light will make it all a bit easier for me.

Spring Needles

8 thoughts on “Homebound

  1. The very best with the recuperation Annika. I hope all things go well and you are back on your feet in no time, with your camera and with those wonderful ideas coming to life. And yes, please do more of the tulips! Such exquisite works of art you turn them into.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Annie – in your part of the world summer is coming to its end soon, I’m really looking forward to more of those wonderful harvest pictures you have. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Annie!


    1. Thanks Frank – really appreciate you taking time to read my post and comment 🙂 Just realized when I revisited your site that we have the same theme, I just changed mine but didn’t remember you had the same… what can I say… maybe the same thing you said before: ‘great minds think alike’ 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!


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