Adventure Is a State of Mind

People always say that they learn new things from my blog posts, I guess being a teacher is something so deeply rooted in me that I keep doing it in my free time as well. But also the need to learn is what drives me to find out more about things. In my opinion that is what being an adventurer is all about. Going off to an adventure can be that you fly off to an Amazonian jungle, but it can also be in your immediate surroundings if you keep your eyes and ears open – and most of all if your are curious and open for new experiences.


When I was exploring the beautiful Finnish archipelago today I met a local manor owner who was walking his dog on the sea. The ice on the sea is so thick at this time of the year that you can even drive a car on it. Walking, skiing and snowmobile riding on the ice are very popular pastimes among the locals as you can imagine. The man had a very cute and playful young German shepherd and while I was playing with the dog he told me stories about the manor houses that we could see all around us. One of the manor estates in the area is on the market at the moment for 3.5 million euros. It has belonged to the same family for centuries, but now it will be sold for someone outside the family. Another manor house accross the bay was destroyed in a fire and couldn’t be restored because of the lacking insurance. Now there is another house where it used to be, but the same family still live there. Nowadays, most of these old estates are protected, so that you are not allowed to alter the buildings even if you own them.

Winter in Archipelago

One thing that I found myself constantly admiring was how rural the landscape can be even though you’re just a 20 minute drive from the capital city. Horses were grazing around in the snow and I had to stop and wait on the road while the cows were let to cross the road from their shed to the pasture. I also had a pleasure of getting to know a cute pony called Cherry.

So my walk in the archipelago today turned out to be quite an adventure. When I came back home it felt like I had been in a totally different place and brought back lots of new experiences and thoughts. That is what I call adventure.

3 thoughts on “Adventure Is a State of Mind

  1. That is so true! People often think that they have to travel to faraway places to find something exciting. As a photographer, I used to think that I have to travel to faraway places to take better pictures. Now I know that I have plenty to explore in the nature just around the corner and I also know that my pictures will not be any better if I travel across the world. The pictures will only be different if I take them elsewhere and the only way they will ever get better is if I keep on practising, and it doesn’t matter where that happens! 🙂


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