Photos in Da Vinci Dreams by Annie Q Syed

If you click on the images below you will find stories written by Annie Q Syed. She was inspired by these photos and created four wonderful stories under the title ‘Da Vinci Dreams‘. I’m truly grateful for the collaboration and very happy to see how my work can inspire other artists.



6 thoughts on “Photos in Da Vinci Dreams by Annie Q Syed

  1. Dear Annika,

    When presented like “this” it sure looks very awesome. : )

    Many thanks for the opportunity to collaborate and connect. All your photographs are unique and offer a different perspective, I think that is why I was so drawn to them—the stories I have to tell don’t necessarily fit the box of modern, contemporary fiction. In the end, be it through a lens or words, one has to capture the story one sees or present a story that another has shared with us the best way we can.

    I am glad this connection—via twitter of all places—allowed for such a solid collaboration. I am more than likely going to expand on all four of these stories, and of course the pictures go where they go. : )

    Gratitude for your vision and inspiration,



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