Finland Thawing

Finally spring is here. After five months of snow we finally see some green grass and spring flowers popping up from the ground. I posted first snow pictures in Flickr October 15, but I think we got the permanent snow around November 15. And today the first spring flowers popped up after one week of above zero temperatures around the clock.

Thaw I

We are selling our house and we’re going to have lots of people over tomorrow to see it. For that reason we’ve been trying to fix the yard even though it’s not quite the right time just yet. There are still lots of snow patches around and you’re supposed to wait until the ground is dry before you rake it. We’ve had a bird feeder out under the kitchen window and the birds have made a terrible mess, you could hardly see the grass from the sunflower seedcases spread around after their feast. And the grass itself looks hideous when it’s revealed from under the snow after five months. That particular patch you can see from our kitchen window was free of snow this morning and I raked it and got a full wheelbarrow of sunflower seedcases and old grass.

Thaw II

It’s  amazing how everything survives under all that snow for five months. Yesterday there was a pile of snow, now there are strawberry leaves, small tulip and peony stems and flowering crocuses – and sap pouring down from the cherry tree. Soon it’ll be difficult to remember how it felt snowshoeing in the wintery forest. I couldn’t imagine living without the four seasons.

Thaw III

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