We sealed the deal on our new house today. It’s been really exciting couple of weeks selling our old house and examining the new one to see that anything hasn’t been built wrong there. Now we’re clear and just waiting for June to move in.


It was a fantastic experience to watch the inspector go through the house today. She was extremely thorough and even drilled a hole in the wall to make sure there wasn’t mold in there. With such a different profession I could never have imagined what needs to be done to check a house and what one needs to know. Half the time it felt like the people were talking a foreign language with their house building jargon. The owner of the house has built some of the house herself with her father who’s a carpenter so she seemed to know every little detail about the foundations of the house and to my relief she was very much into ecological ideology and talking to her today half the day convinced me that we’re about to buy a house that has been built with love.


When you’re house shopping it isn’t just about walls and windows. It’s very much about who you are and what you want from your life. We’ve been looking at houses for more than a decade and there have only been about a dozen that we could’ve imagined to live in. ‘This just isn’t me’ is the most common thought in my mind when I browse through house ads. It’s a bit like you go for a walk in an unfamiliar environment, look at the windows and think ‘I wonder what kind of people live in that house’. To find a home where you can imagine living for the rest of your life is a huge thing, at least for me. Or maybe I’m just exceptionally picky.

It feels like I’ve been holding my breath for the last couple of weeks and naturally it has also had an influence on my art work. I have taken only a few photos in the past few months. I’ve been uploading old pictures in Flickr and I do have an endless archive of them. It just feels like I’ve been tanged up in a knot with the house businesses and I’ve just been waiting to untangle. Today’s relief was the first step on that, and the biggest I’m sure. Can’t wait to see what the light is like in the new neighborhood in various times of the day and the year. Lots of new angles to shoot!


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. congratulations annika! : ) i know it is not easy to find a (new) home where one feels truly at home….be it to own or rent or even a short stay for months in another city or country.

    “When you’re house shopping it isn’t just about walls and windows. It’s very much about who you are and what you want from your life.” I agree very much—it is reflective of what you want from you life and I think to a large extent it shows.

    In NYC sometimes I miss having a ‘porch’ (not as much a backyard–I am surrounded by lovely parks)…but to compensate that in NYC there are condos and brownstones with balconies etc. It is not the same thing but has its own flair and requires a lot of money!

    I apologize for writing so much…this can be an article on its own, really, as this topic is very close to my essence too, so I will stop now…

    I am looking forward to the new photos in new light and new corners June onwards….

    and I think people who are picky about home (be it a box or a mansion) are simply intentional about how they want to live—and how else is there to really live but intentionally?

    gratitude for this post and food for thought with photos!


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply Annie, really appreciate it – and I love your long replies! My post might even have origins in what you wrote in your last Still Sundays, we have both been thinking about where we belong. I think there are many places where I could belong but there are also places I could never belong. And rural versus city environment is something that I too often think about, both have their advantages. And thank you for the congrats, can’t wait for June! 🙂

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