Mother Goose

Greetings from Lithuania! Our trip was a huge success and it was just amazing to spend a week with such talented and bright young people from three European countries. I caught the flu and struggled a bit with keeping up with the others but it was all worth while. Whenever I have a chance to work in a project like this with young people all my worries about the future of this planet vanish. Seeing that we all share the same fears and hopes is such a relief. Lithuania is a gorgeous country and Lithuanians are so positive and deterined that I’m sure they will make their country flourish sooner than we think.


When I arrived late last night my sons were there to hug me and and we cuddled all evening. Today I’ve been pampered all day since it happens to be so conveniently Mother’s Day today. For Mother’s Day treat I will share with you a conversation I had with my 5-year-old son some time ago:
Son: Mom, you’re like a goose and daddy is like an owl.
Me: well, that’s interesting dear, but why do you say so?
Son: ’cause you’re so pretty mom.
Me: oh thank you so much my love – but why do you say your dad is like an owl?
Son (after a pause): I didn’t say that, you heard me wrong. I said he’s like a hedgehog.
Me: but why… (and he disappeared to another room)
The words owl and hedgehog are not similar in Finnish either. I suppose defining how an owl and a person are alike was too difficult for a five-year-old. However, this goes to show how delightful it is being a mom. Happy Mother’s Day!


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