Time For Vacation

It’s time for vacation. I’m moving this weekend and after that I will be traveling for awhile and when I come back I will have to get ready for the exhibition. Whenever I have a chance I will pop in to see what’s going on online, but most of the time I will connect only from my phone. I will post the add for the exhibition as soon as I get it, but otherwise it might be a bit more quiet on my sites than usually.

I hope you will all have a beautiful and relaxing summer with lots of new experiences and rest. I am very grateful for all the support that I’ve got from my friends both online and offline. There are so many wonderful people in my life that I feel truly fortunate. I hope to read many new posts and captivating stories and see lots of summer pictures and wonderful new art creations when I return. And still, most of all, lets enjoy the summer!

6 thoughts on “Time For Vacation

  1. Dear Annika,

    What a wonderful photo!
    I am sure the exhibition will turn out great! So excited for you. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Wish I could attend! One day….soon! : )

    I really appreciate your post and the poem. Since you know I am traveling soon too and have quite a bit on my writing plate, these lines were just what I needed to feel: “Here before me lies a shadowy way
    leading to a strange, unknown place.”

    Safe travels and stress-free moving.

    Stay in touch.



    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Annie, Eino Leino is one of the Finnish national poets. Those last lines suit me really well too, there are so many new things happening in my life. Enjoy the weekend Annie! Let’s keep in touch!


  2. Wishing you a peaceful and uncomplicated move, Annika. And very much looking forward to your exhibition! Thank you too for the poem. It is truly beautiful.


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