Competition News

Early this year I sent some photos to the Finnish Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Last year’s winner photo was shot by Pekka Tuuri and here is a list of all the previous winners and links to their sites. As you can see the prize has been awarded every year since 1980 and every single time it has been given to a male photographer. There are seven categories: Plants, Birds, Landscapes, Mammals, Other fauna, Composition and Form, Nature and People. Here you can see all the group winners from last year. In addition to these seven categories, they will also award the the very prestigious Fotofinlandia. You can see the winners of Fotofinlandia and links to their sites on this page. Fotofinlandia winners are among the most famous photographers in Finland, e.g. Elina Brotherus who has even made a successful international career. Another one of my favorites is Hannes Heikura who has a wonderful exhibition at the moment in Helsinki.


Just last week I noticed that two of my photos have made it to the semifinal in the category Nature and People. There will be another judging and the results will be announced in November. This is the only competition I have taken part in and getting this recognition to be in the semifinal is a huge honor and more than I ever expected. I will post my lucky semifinalists on this page for you to see. I’m truly grateful for all the support I’ve got from my friends both online and offline. Thank you!

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