Coping with the Dark

It’s almost winter. Last autumn we had the first snow fall October 15 and that is today. This year there has been one frosty morning so far but no snow in sight. Autumn equinox occurred some weeks ago on September 23 and since that the night has been longer than the day. Coping with the dark has become one of the daily challenges for us Finns now once again.

First Snow 2010

Into the CoolnessI have had this blog now a bit over a year and I’m finding it a lot of fun going back to the posts I wrote a year ago. I remembered writing about autumn colors last year also, and you can find that post here That Lake. Then when I realized it was the time for autumn equinox I remembered writing about vernal equinox and you can find that post here Equal Night. Just the other day I was talking with students about living in Finland and about what would be interesting to other people to find out about us and I told them many people wonder how we survive in the cold and the dark. You can find their blog posts about living in Finland here.

Now it is time for us to enjoy Fall Break until Oct24. Old people call this break from school ‘potato harvesting week’ and I guess originally people needed to have their children at home at this time of the year to help to harvest crops before the snow came. Nowadays very few people grow their own potatoes even though there would be more than enough land to do so here in this country. I still refuse to buy a car and it is a challenge to get to a store to buy food so we do grow some of our potatoes and carrots and some other vegetables. Just the other day my seven year old son asked me how could people get to the stores if they didn’t have cars and I answered him, the stores would be closer if no one had a car. Of course that is not a realistic thought anymore, but I enjoyed giving him another perspective on things.

Oh She GlowsIt has been a very busy autumn for me. My older son started school, in Finland kids start school at the age of seven. Then I also have my own classes to teach and in addition to all that, which would in itself make a very busy week, I was asked to give lectures to other teachers about social media use in language teaching. It was a lot of fun and also helped me a lot to form my ideology about teaching now and in the future. In both times I was teacher training I had the most wonderful audience who cooperated with me so well that I felt that also I was learning in that situation. My slides are in Finnish but in case someone is interested in checking out the links, you can them here. I’m not into making fancy slides, but I did need a list of what to talk about and a place to provide links for the listeners. I have been asked to train teachers in the future as well and I will gladly take up on the challenge.

So all in all I haven’t had much time for photography but now I think I will make this potato harvesting week my photography week and enjoy roaming in the woods and shooting the nature waiting for the first snow fall. Also I need to catch up on everyone’s posts on Twitter and Google+. I’m truly grateful for my online friends, thank you so much for stopping by to see my photos everyday. After a busy autumn, I might as well curl up on my sofa with some delicious red wine and chocolates and spend the dark season admiring art online. Like a good friend suggested, winter should be spent hibernating. But first out to the woods with the camera!


8 thoughts on “Coping with the Dark

  1. Such a lovely post, Annika! There’s a lot of wisdom in starting school at 7–I wish I had had my daughter at home for another year or two before the schools got to monopolize her time! We learned so much together at home and on outings before then when our time was our own. Of course, we continued to snatch such precious time, but school priorities shaped so much of our lives. I know your kids will continue to have the benefit of a remarkable mother. And you better get ready for lots more speaking requests like the one you describe! 🙂


    1. Thank you Lucy! Your words make me so happy and give me lots of energy to tackle with the everyday challenges. I’m very grateful for this connection with you.

      I agree, the age of 7 is perfect for starting school. I remember how eager I was to learn much earlier and when I started the first grade I was a very enthusiastic and hardworking student! I see the same happening with my son now.

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend Lucy – and congratulations: I heard your daughter got married recently.


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