November Sunset

This week has been very rainy and very windy. And still no snow in sight. It’s amazing to think that November is almost over and we have plus degrees. It is the Baltic Sea that keeps our temperatures above zero, many places further south have colder days now than us. Just the other day I went for a walk with a friend in pitch dark pouring rain. There was also a thick fog and there was no way of seeing anything despite the torches we carried with us. Today there was a glimpse of sunlight and off I went to see the forest preparing for winter.

The forest I visited today has two very different kinds of wetlands. One is located on a cliff and looks almost like a pond, the other one is a very grassy patch down in a valley and it has a few small trees growing in the middle of it and lots of cranberries around it. The forest has many tall pine trees and lots of huge mossy rocks carried there by retrieving ice at the end of the Veiksel ice age some 13,000 years ago. There was no one except me and the woodpeckers. It was so quiet, it felt like the forest was holding its breath waiting for the winter to arrive.

Wetlands II

Weather forecast says there is going to be a storm, so I guess we’re back to rain and darkness for some time. I took these three photos today, in pursuit of capturing some daylight before the storm.

November Sunset


4 thoughts on “November Sunset

  1. Thank you, Annika, for the article and the pictures , where you’re sharing you love to you place and nature. I was sure that it’s very cold in Finland already :). I spent my childhood in Belorussia, and felt some kind of nostalgia reading about wetlands and cranberries 🙂

  2. Annika, I love the animated snowflakes falling here! 🙂 Judy of Zebra Sounds asked last week which we would like to see, sunrises or sunsets, if we had to choose and only see one or the other going forward. I found this question impossible, but seeing your photos, I’m leaning toward sunsets!


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