Happy Holidays!

Southern Finland is like a setting for a sci-fi film at the moment. It’s pitch dark and the rain does not seem to stop at all. I think I’ll travel north soon and try to find some snow. I have photo posts planned for a few days ahead but I will take a break from posting for some time around Christmas.

This year has been amazing. I had a chance to show my work in the design district in our capital city, two of my images made it to the semifinal in the Wildlife Photographer of the year competition, and I’ve been able to make quite a few large works of my images, and even sell some of them. I feel truly fortunate to have so many people follow my work daily, some 350 on Flickr, 1360 on Twitter, 5000 on Google+, 148 on Facebook and 40 here on WordPress. I’m most grateful for all of you – thank you so much for all the faves, +1’s, likes and retweets. It is a huge pleasure to have learned to know the works of so many talented artists on the social media that I follow daily. I have got many new and dear friends and due to your constant support I feel like I’ve grown as an artist myself. Thank you so much my dear friends – You inspire me! I hope you will have a chance to relax and enjoy the Christmas time!

Happy Holidays!



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