-26C (-15F)

I’m spending a few days in Eastern Finland. It’s very cold out here, this morning we had -33 degrees Celsius which is about -27 degrees in Fahrenheit, says the converter. I went out to take some winter photos in glorious sunshine and the temperature came up to -26 degrees Celsius (-15F) during the day. I had good gear and didn’t feel the cold at all. Some crazy people are skiing and snowboarding, I just might take out my snowshoes tomorrow…

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8 thoughts on “-26C (-15F)

  1. Your photo are awesome, I am from Indonesia and never touch or feel the snow.. I’m glad find your picture..thanks for sharing!.. 🙂

  2. i posted on ur other page as well,, then saw this one. haha, you’re an amazing photographer.. breathtaking photos! =) ,, i have quite a few picutres with snow,, i live in alberta so its around usually for about 6 months every year haha. ,, love your work =)

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