Unexpectedly Quiet

IMG_6346-wwwMy boys have had influenza for two weeks so I haven’t been able to post photos or write. When something unexpected like this happens it seems that everything stops, and then you are always so surprised to notice that things have happened in the world while you were excluded from it. There have been students in my classroom every single lesson I missed and new decisions have been made at the staff meetings. People have posted lots of interesting photos in their streams and many interesting opinions have been exchanged. And then it takes a while to catch up, sometimes there isn’t time to do that and there you are just totally lost for awhile until things start rolling smoothly again.

It is Valentine’s Day today. Finns don’t really know how to celebrate it but they have wanted to include it in their calendars. It has become both a day for lovers and a day for friendship. When going through friendship quotes I found a wonderful page of Shakespeare Quotes. Such a wise man he was. I think this one is my favorite:  “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”  I could imagine writing this on a card either for my husband or a friend. It is amazing how often you can hear people talk very disrespectfully to each other, both friends and spouses. To achieve the point in a relationship where you can gently allow each other grow is something to really hold on to. Maybe there isn’t really a big difference in the way good friends treat each other compared to the way a romantic relationship works, all centering around the words respect, understanding, support and growth. Hearing people talk disrespectfully to each other makes me wonder if they do that to everyone, or is it just certain people that they feel entitled to disrespect. Having said that I see the value in celebrating Friend’s Day as we call it here, maybe it will make us value friendship more and maybe it will make us think what really is important in relationships.


It must be one of our greatest fears that no one will ever love us just the way we are. Maybe we can try to cure that fear with another one of Shakespeare’s famous quotes: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

18 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Quiet

  1. I love your photos so much! I want you to know that we nominated you for the VBA but I see that you’ve already received one so don’t go through that again but it’s still nice to know so many people are loving your blog:)


  2. Dear Annika,

    I have been married for almost thirty years to a lovely man. On this day we usually celebrate with a special dinner with our kids and my mother-in-law and my brother, who are all single. Really, any day is a good day to celebrate friendship and love, with a kind word, a hug, a small gift, a candle on the table. We try to practice mindful loving in this house, and make every day Valentine’s Day.

    I am glad your boys are better. I have missed your posts! This one is the best one yet. Such lovely words and photographs that are worthy of Shakespeare’s wisdom.


    1. Dear Naomi,
      I’m so glad to notice that you have stopped by to read my post. I agree with you very much, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by meaningful friendship and love. So glad you liked the post and photos. Enjoy your day!


  3. Beautiful words, Annika and thank you for the link! And once again your peaceful, wonderfully crafted images compliment those lovely words. Always a joy to read your posts.


  4. Lovely post with lovely photographs. Respect is definitely the core of any relationship. And what better way to show respect than allowing others to grow. I like you sunlit winter landscapes. The light in the first one is gorgeous, but I still think I prefer the second. It’s somewhat more of a mystery, less literal so to speak. And maybe it’s not quite the view we normally see in the the middle of the winter.


  5. dear annika,

    wonderful reminder to all: “To achieve the point in a relationship where you can gently allow each other grow is something to really hold on to.”

    You are so very right. This is something to be cherished. To have that space where two people can be vulnerable enough to accept they are not perfect and still growing.

    hope you and your husband had a wonderful day and glad to know the boys are well!

    very beautiful photographs. enjoyed them as always. reminded me that even when it is cold, with love, it is warm enough to keep going till spring. : )



    1. Thank you so much Annie, your words truly comfort me today. It turned out that the influenza was worse than we thought and my son was hospitalized yesterday. He has pneumonia and they also took his appendix out because he had severe stomach pain. He is recovering now very fast, it is amazing to think about it now, the ordeal we went through only 24 hours ago. I’m staying with him in the hospital and once again the world stopped and there was only that moment. When staying in this hospital and putting all our energy into recovery it is so easy to forget what time of the year it is or when does the first bus go. Very grateful for your thoughtful response Annie!


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