Something Shimmering


Yesterday I discovered Goodreads. I know it must have been there forever, but I just hadn’t stumbled into it. Another fun place to be in social media. Some weeks ago I spotted Foursquare and now I’ve also found a way to link them into this blog. I’m not going to post every single move I make, it’s just for fun and partly to find out about how they work. I’ve become more and more interested in online teaching and to be able to brainstorm things to do for the students, it’s quite important to try them out yourself first. And the more I hear people criticize social media the more interesting I find it. Yes, I’m one of those people who we call Vastarannan Kiiski here in Finland. It means a Contrarian, but literally it translates to a type a fish, a ruffe that swims in the waters across the lake. For me it means something similar to what Walt Whitman wrote in Leaves of Grass:  Resist much, obey little. And by doing that hoping to create something new.


I think I was about 20 when I learned to say yes. And for a while I couldn’t stop. Now I’m back to no, and expecting my sons to find that y-word in about 10-15 years. Sometimes when it feels too much to argue with them I try to remind myself of the fact that without questioning nothing new gets born. If we all just agree that snowman must smile or that being outside when it rains is not fun or that flower images have to be in color, maybe we miss out on some surrealism life has for us to offer. Unexpected intrusions of beauty. This is what life is.  (Saul Bellow)


it is something quite peculiar 
something shimmering and white 
it leads you here, despite your destination 
under the milky way tonight 
(The Church: Under the Wilky Way)

14 thoughts on “Something Shimmering

  1. Interesting, in Italy we say “to swim against the stream = nuotare controcorrente”. I do it sometimes. In photography and in life. Sometimes it is difficult but if we all swim with the stream, all in the same direction how boring would our life be! Like so many beautiful photos, all with a perfect exposure, everything in focus, B&W with 11 grey tones or so vivid colors, taken with so many megapixel as possible but without a soul. Senza anima. Your photos have a soul, are visual poetry and now I know why. The magic world is against….


  2. annika, I especially liked your words about new things arising from questioning received wisdom–and your wonderful examples about snowmen, rainy days, and flower photos. I also found your musings on the stages of life when saying Yes or No predominates quite intriguing. And of course the photos… For a resolved contrarian, you embrace and reveal the unexpected beauty around you so positively! 🙂


  3. Hey Lucy! Nice to see you here – very thankful for your thoughtful reply & happy about connecting on Goodreads as well. Wishing you unexpected intrusions of beauty for today 🙂


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