Waking up early in August is a joy. The timing for morning mist and the very first rays of light is perfect, and the angle of the light peaking through the trees couldn’t be more on the spot. The warmth from the sun and the coldness and humidity of the night make a heavenly match balancing on the tight rope of the nanoseconds of absolute pure beauty. If I was given the power to change anything in the world I would make us live August all over again all through the year. Never mind the other seasons, forget the rest of the months, who cares about the snow and the budding crocuses if you only have a chance to witness the August sunrise every single daybreak.


August brings back variety and edge. August makes us see the change and forgive the uncertainty. August teaches us to be open and grateful. It is like that short pause to prepare yourself before you dive into cold water. And for its gentle way to prepare us we remain forever grateful, and even though August inevitably leads us to darkness and cold, we are more than willing to forgive it only because of that gentleness and beauty and because of the promise that some day there will be another day like this. We take August by the hand and let her guide us into the world of order, closing the door to the world of carelessness, leaving it in the falling mist, knowing it will be there to wait for us next summer.


10 thoughts on “Weavers

  1. I don’t know which are more beautiful, your words or your pictures. You perfectly capture that special timeless, changing quality that August has. I can feel the dew, and the early sun…..Thank you!


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