Last Days of Winter

It was close to -30 degrees Celsius last night. All nights have been extremely cold recently. When the sun comes up, it warms the air so much that the temperature rises almost to zero. It is such a pleasure to enjoy the cold sparkling nights as well as the warm and sunny days.

It’s been such a long winter. Everything has been hidden under the snow since November. Twigs, cones, rocks and grass. Beetles, spiders, ants and maggots. It is easy to forget what it is like to see them go about their business in between the fallen leaves and pine needles on the pathway. It is easy to forget what the warm summer forest smells like in the dry period, and what it smells like after the rain. Looking at the bare tree branches it is amazing to think that they are still alive, and will very soon be making brand new leaves that will weave green curtains all around, providing shelter and privacy. It is easy to forget what is sounds like when there’s wind in the aspen leaves.

The light in March makes a promise of the approaching spring. It is such a powerful promise that waiting isn’t easy. Every new snowfall feels like a betrayal, falling temperatures like torment. And it’s just about the expectations, the promises, the inevitable change. Winter, when it arrives again next November, will be a long missed friend.

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