September Twining

This is the best part of the year. Cool and misty mornings, gentle warmth and gorgeous sunsets in the evenings.


It has all been done. Flowers grown, seeds sown, young raised and crop harvested. Each warm day feels like a bonus, a surprise present when you are not expecting to get one any longer. After the nameless and hourless days of summer there is suddenly order for things. The order that reminds you of where you belong and how far you’re able to reach. The order that is so dear and welcome but does you let you off easy. The order that is inevitable, but also necessary for us to be able to enjoy the time without it.

Gentle Night

In September, when the light is soft and low, time stands still for a moment for us to remember how it all was, turning memories into expectations. Until we meet again.

6 thoughts on “September Twining

  1. Hello Annika!
    Finnish autumn truly is such a wonderful season, and you make it look and sound even more wonderful with these gorgeous photos and beautiful, poetic words!!!

    Hope you’re fine, and wish you a fantastic week! 🙂


  2. Hi Annika! I am totally agreeing with you about our autumn, especially on this year it has started so great, evenings and mornings maybe lil bit chilly, but days have been like in last summer, sunny and warm:)
    I am wishing to you a colorful beautiful autumn still.


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