IMG_2256_wwwToday must be the most beautiful day of the year. I am already sad about September ending soon. I have been awfully busy with teaching, meeting parents, setting up courses for teachers and driving my sons around God’s creation. And when I was just about to end the most stressful week of them all, I caught a cold and had to stay at home and rest. It is amazing how our bodies look after themselves. Mine has discovered that the only way to keep me off work is to take away my voice. A friend of mine destroyed her vocal cords for good when she ignored her flu and kept on talking to the class with a hoarse voice. Now she teaches with a microphone even in a small classroom. I have decided to take good care of mine. This flu forced me to rest, and I think I really needed it. I realized it after sleeping two days in a row. I had understood that I was too tired but when there are things you have to do, there just isn’t a way around them. Being stressed out isn’t a glorious state. It is like being chased in loud noise. Just this one thing, then I’m set. But there is always another thing after it.

IMG_2252_wwwToday I went to see the mushrooms, and there they were by the miniature creek just half a mile from our house. They were so cute I almost regretted picking them. But if I hadn’t, someone else would have. They always appear in the same place, I’m sure there’ll be more tomorrow. I only pick chanterelles and winter mushrooms because they are the only kind that I can identify with hundred percent certainty. It would be a drag to poison the whole family with some cute fungi. I do have a mushroom app in my iphone that I’ve tried to use in the forest but it just adds to my fears when almost every description ends with a warning like “easily confused with…”. Chanterelles and winter mushrooms are a delicacy, and there are so many of them in our forests that there will always be plenty left even though many Finns do their best collecting them.

IMG_2210_wwwToday I feel like I’ve recharged me. I still have the flu but I have also found my thoughts in the peaceful Sunday forest. There are things to be done and I will start doing them tomorrow. Even if I realize that there is going to be another stressful period ahead, there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t detach myself from the people and things happening around me. And I wouldn’t even want to. I’m just holding onto these timeless days to balance it all out.


14 thoughts on “Today

  1. “It would be a drag to poison the whole family with some cute fungi” – wow, you’re telling me! A bit of an understatement I’d say! This is why I restrict myself to picking blackberries, but you’re so right, there is absolutely nothing like being out alone with your thoughts in the woods on a day like this, gathering wild food and just being there.

  2. It’s a good post with excellent photographs, I specially like the first one . It is not nice to know about your health difficulties, wish you a good and quick recovery. I feel like you that september is one of the best time of the year (or the best?) and feel sorry that is going to finish soon, maybe october will be nice as well and not too cold, at least here in Italy.

  3. My September 22 over here in Oregon was spectacular as well. Perfect day with blustery spirals of brown leaves, sunshine and rain both. Your dark photos are compelling in colour. Lovely and seasonal. I just ate a bunch of chanterelles too. I can’t help but get excited when wild nature offers up a bounty.

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