End of Term

IMG_3401_wwwIt has been a long autumn. There is still hardly any snow and it’s already dark at three in the afternoon. I’ve just finished marking all the exams, ready to start grading at daybreak tomorrow. Gradually all things seem to come together once again. All the individual threads that I have been following for months are finally winding into a ball of yarn. I have learned to manage my own business. I have given courses for teachers without making them frustrated. I have learned sport photography. I have discovered how to incorporate modern technology into teaching. I have learned to know a large group of teenagers who were strangers to me just a few months ago, and we have managed to come together as a group and formed our own way of working and learning. And I have learned to bake a sugar coated cake.

IMG_3473_wwwDays go by so fast doing all those things. Focusing on finishing something that is on the way. Waiting for a break before the next challenge. Gasping for air in between dives. Enjoying underwater scenery. Taking hold of other divers and bringing them up for air as well. What adventure it has been once again! Looking for an island to stay for a while and rest. Maybe a good book. Maybe a day for painting, knitting or baking. Perhaps a long walk in the forest. Mercifully forgetting all the things that did not work out. All the lost moments and the failed efforts. Humbly erasing the unfulfilled wishes and expectations. As all this happens, you can almost hear your heartbeat slowing down to rest pace. End of term.




12 thoughts on “End of Term

  1. This vibrant curiosity you have is the stuff of life, it shapes your art and broadcasts your interests.
    There is legacy in what you write. The photos you capture are spell binding and the embedded nature of your explorations are templates for emersion therapy.
    It’s encouraging to see such unbounded zest for humanity, nature and life.


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