Wild & Free

My grandparents taught me to appreciate nature. I’m sure it wasn’t preplanned, instead I learned just by spending a lot of time with them. Their favorite passtime used to be wandering in the nature, picking berries and mushrooms or just enjoying the experience.


At this time of the year my grandmother used to have a fresh bouquet of wildflowers in a vase every day. My grandfather was a school teacher so he knew all the names of the plants. Even those that people don’t normally know. It got to a point sometimes that I tried to find all the most exotic and rare flowers just to test his vocabulary. But mostly I just enjoyed the tour. Sticky Catchfly, Lady’s Bedstraw and Labrador Tea were fascinating names for a seven-year-old whose world wasn’t located any higher than the tallest wildflowers.

The meadows are full of wildflowers now, and soon they will be gone. The Nordic Associations for Nature Conservation organize an annual Wildflower Day on the Sunday week before Midsummer, which is today. There are Wildflower Walks with nature experts sharing information on various species. And for Midsummer there is a popular legend of wildflowers. They say that if you collect seven of them, all different kind, and put them under your pillow you will dream about your future spouse.



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