Outweeded Soil

We are headed towards the busy season. There is nothing I would change about this summer. But then again it has been my carefully chosen policy not to work my way through a list of tasks while on vacation. For me that is a life-saving skill not to be taken for granted.

IMG_4638_wwwI have successfully managed to forget what it is like to wake up after a night’s sleep several hours shorter than needed. I have recharged my sleep-deprived batteries. Enjoyed resting when I’m tired, staying up when I’m not. And so I have also superbly mastered the skill of forgetting what it was that needed to be done today. Lost our current spot in the calendar. Misplaced all the clocks in the house. Forgotten the bus schedule. And most importantly, taught myself not to worry about it.

In a zen-like hum I have managed to swipe the stress slate clean. Hoping it will be stronger for the challenges to come. Hoping to have prepared out-weeded soil for the new term. Gone through stress detox. Spent some time in work rehab. And while being committed, having allowed myself shamelessly enjoy every minute of it.





2 thoughts on “Outweeded Soil

  1. Your goal for summer forgetfulness sounds like a caution on the side of the bottle of soap I use, “Enjoy only two cosmetics: enough sleep and Dr. Bronner’s magic soap.” Your days sound lovely and healing.

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