Someone to Write to

IMG_0270_wwwI have had other things besides photography to do for awhile. I have missed capturing what I see. I have missed communicating my thoughts. But I haven’t felt like something has been taken away from me if I didn’t have time for photography and writing at a particular period of time. Instead I have felt confident that I will have the time to come back to it some day. I have felt confident that some of the most important things in my life cannot be taken away from me. I have felt that they are so strongly there that I can easily spend a year or two doing something else that simply needs to be done right at that moment, and then come back to my most enjoyable space like it was my closest family member. The closer that time has come the more I have felt the tinkling excitement of something immensely enjoyable ahead.


IMG_0470_wwwDuring the time I was away I have written the complete course material for 7th and 8th grade English, and most of the course material for 7th and 8th grade Swedish, and they are now being marketed to schools throughout Finland. There is a huge demand for full online learning material since schools are purchasing tablets and Chromebooks for students instead of traditional books that are printed on paper. So I simply had to prioritize.

IMG_0450_wwwWriting course material for language learning doesn’t sound too exciting, but it has in fact been extremely creative and fun. Almost every day I have written stories, invented lives and characters, added twists to the plots and brought coincidences into a web of imaginary lifelines. My characters have come to life to me and many of my peers and students, and we have noticed that we speak of them like they were real. That is my best reward. If you are an educator, you can register at to see the full course materials for free. They are written for teenagers and for learning English, following the national curriculum designed by the National Board of Education. They are still under development and I will continue writing year 9 English in the autumn.


It makes me glad to see that you have stayed despite my silence. It makes me glad to see that people have found their way to my images and writing even though there haven’t been any new posts. It makes me glad to be able to find someone to write to.


11 thoughts on “Someone to Write to

  1. Dear Annika,
    What an interesting and worthwhile pursuit! I wish you great success in this endeavor. My son has been teaching English in Turkey and will be doing so in Mexico soon. He used his artistic skills to create materials for his students in the form of comics, to capture their interest and make them eager to learn, but he hasn’t marketed them.
    So good to see your photographs again.

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