There is something special in the leisure hours of a lazy Sunday. There is no hurry, the time and the turning of the wheels of the world seem to have ceased altogether. If you listen very carefully, the noises of Monday or Tuesday have disappeared. There are only the comforting, happy and soft sounds of Sunday. The void left by the stopping of the wheels is filled by the pursuits that we most like to do. Enjoying life to the fullest.

Last weekend I spent my lazy Sunday on Paper Island in Copenhagen with a good friend. Paper Island (Papirøen in Danish) is a street food mecca built in old industrial halls, just outside the city center. You can get to Paper Island by crossing the  brand new bridge from Nyhavn, but we wanted to take a long walk before feasting on the mouth watering street food displayed in the numerous stalls of Paper Island so we spent the day roaming around Christiania. Taking a long walk in crispy autumn air must be one of my all time favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday, especially if there is a good friend to share thoughts with. With each step knots become untangled, visions clearer and you just want to keep walking farther and farther until there is something irresistible that stops you. In our case it was the warm street food hall with a paradise worth of delicious eats to offer.

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The hall was filled with cheery chat and aromas to die for. The warmth from the fire place and the wine made our cheeks rosy. The pleasure dome enticed more and more people to join in the Sunday feast like no other. There was a shared secret among the bon viveurs munching away in their damp winter coats – This is the place to be and to come back to.


On our way back to our hotel we remembered our previous night in Tivoli. Another extremely enjoyable experience with amazing light shows, sweet aromas from the pancake stalls and funny music from the rides. A fairyland where we forgot all the other days of the week and what they smell and sound like. A perfect, pleasure-filled getaway in the midst of Scandinavian autumn.

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