My Best Shots 2016

Years pass by quickly, for me the previous one in particular. Life has tried to pull me to other directions besides photography, but I’ve decided to fight it, and since last summer I have had the opportunity to reconnect with my camera. I have had this blog for eight years now, and to start the most of them, I’ve had the habit of listing my best shots from the previous year. This year makes no exception, so here they are:

Snow Lake X

In the beginning of November we had some snow in Southern Finland. At that time I was able to capture some sunny days at the lake, such as in Snow Lake X. (Read more here.) Now the snow is gone, but I’m hoping there will be more later. Snow Lake X was my tenth best shot last year.

Chalkeio IV

Chalkeio IV (my ninth best photo last year) brings me back to a very different scenery and mood. Last June I visited a small village of Halki in Greece which was surrounded by beautiful old olive trees. It was a bright summer day, a perfect opportunity to try to catch some grey shades and contrasts with monochrome settings. Looking at the photo now makes me think of the escaping lizards and the rustling of the dry grass. It was one of the best days last year. It also included the best ever lemon ice cream and some friendliest people I’ve ever met. (Read more here.) You gotta love the Greek.

Koufonisia VII

Last summer I also visited a paradise island called Pano Koufonisi that belongs to the island group called Koufonisia. It was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. It is not easy to find timeless places with people that come across so real and unpretentious. This was one of them. (Read more here.) My eighth best photo last year called Koufonisia VII is just one of many seascapes that I captured there. You can find them all here.

Snow Creek
Snow Lake II

Snow Creek was my seventh best photo last year and Snow Lake II was the sixth. I find wetlands very interesting to photograph. However, it is not an easy task. It is fun to have challenges nevertheless. Another captivating motive for me is the blue moment. I find myself coming back to it again and again.

Chora XI

Oftentimes the imperfections are so much more interesting than the clean-cut and polished. There are many beautiful and perfect buildings in the town of Naxos where I took this photo (more photos from Naxos here) but still the empty lot with the rubble is so much more interesting. Chora XI was my fifth best shot last year.


Macro shots are so much fun and sometimes it can also be quite physical when you’re trying to get the perfect focus in an awkward position and there is for example wind, heat, sunshine, bugs, goat droppings and whatnot to mind. This image made me smile when I saw it in my camera. Despite the sweat and frustration it came out great. Chalkeio was my fourth best shot last year and I took it in the village of Halki last summer.

Snow Lake XIII
Snow Lake

Two more snowscapes are in my top ten for last year (above). They both seemed to fit perfectly into a square frame. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, snow offers a nice white background for patterns in the nature. Well, sometimes it’s white, sometimes blue, or maybe yellow, depending on the light at that particular time of the day. In my black and white shot, it is gray.

No Fire, No Escape – Only the Trace of the Sun

My best shot last year (according to faves in Flickr) was No Fire, No Escape – Only the Trace of the Sun. I took it in Florence in the autumn. Shadows were long but it was still warm and sunny. There is the mysterious old window that is not a window after all, the uneven wall surface, and of course the long shadows of the fire escape that looks like a millipede. (More photos from Florence here.)

Aperto Tutti I Giorni

I’m looking forward to the photo opportunities in 2017. There are so many interesting motifs and details in the world, near and far.

Happy New Year!

15 thoughts on “My Best Shots 2016

  1. All great shots and mostly very different. I love the seed heads macro, but also the last shot of the chair and shadows.
    Happy New Year to you and here’s hoping you make many more images in the coming year.
    (especially in the snow, which I never get to see in Australia).

    Liked by 1 person

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