Sunsets And Sea Winds

If I lived by the sea, I would take a photo of the sea every day to see if there are any two days in the year that look the same. My hypothesis being that there aren’t.


Then I would probably take a picture of the sea at different times of the day to see how the sea looked different in the mornings compared to the evenings.


Perhaps I would also write down the weather conditions for each photo so that I’d know if the sea had a particular look to it when the wind blew from the west compared to those days when it blew from the east.


Those who have lived by the sea all their lives most likely have all that knowledge. They know what to expect when the sea turns gray or the horizon dark blue. They know where the sun sets when it’s December and where it comes up when it’s July. They know the scariest and the wildest stories about the sea. Where the pirates landed and how many people they killed. How there was a beast that rose from the sea and it turned into a roaring island.

IMG_9534flckrSunset is a sacred event here at the Greek Islands. Even the busiest tavern keepers stop for a moment to admire the setting sun by the sea. Locals scooter up to city cliffs or beaches just in time to savor the moment. It might seem odd to go through all that trouble for just a few minutes, but it’s also a heartfelt appreciation of beauty that’s not available to the most of us.

4 thoughts on “Sunsets And Sea Winds

  1. Auringonlaskut ovat jotain uskomatonta myös täällä kotoisella Saimaan rannalla. Olen oppinut 7 vuoden aikana tarkkailemaan, minne aurinko mihinkin vuodenaikaan täällä laskee ja minne millinkin kannattaa auringonlaskua lähteä ihailemaan. Tänäkin keväänä olen tehnyt jo ueamman auringonlaskuretken ja tänään on taas tarkoitus mennä. Ja ehkäpä raahaan sinua taas Italiassa auringonlaskulle (sillä nousuille tuskin sinua saan herätetty <3). Ihana teksti ja niin paljon tunnistettavia asioita, vaikka asunkin järven enkä meren rannalla.

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  2. I’m so happy to be reading your posts again, especially these lovely stories from your Greek adventure. Yours was one of the first blogs I ever followed and I still think you being a rare quality to the WordPress world. At the moment I’m deprived of a good internet connection and often can’t even see the images in your posts, but this one is so beautifully written that I can see everything clearly in my mind. To read something that makes time stand still for a few moments is a wonderful and precious thing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoy writing, it makes me happy, and so does taking photos. It’s wonderful to see that people keep stopping by to read my posts. I’m so glad you like my posts! Have a lovely day!


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