IMG_5367flckrUsually I’ve avoided writing about trips beforehand because at least for me it is more than likely that things won’t turn out as planned. Unfortunately it is quite often so that if I don’t fall ill, there will be an airline strike or bankruptcy. This year in particular has been the kind that should be named ‘Plan D’ altogether. So I will have to keep guard up. But I can’t help it. My days pass dreaming, and counting the remaining days before the take off.

In just ten days I will travel to Sicily with my good friend Heidi. She is a travel blogger and you can find her gorgeous photos from around the world and her travel stories (in Finnish) here. Every year we go on an adventure together as soon as vacation starts. Last year we traveled to the Cyclades, the year before that to Campania. Now it’s time to get to know Sicily. In addition to our summer adventures, we also take a shorter trip every autumn. Last year we were in Copenhagen and the year before that in Tallinn.

I’ve been to Italy quite a few times, but I’ve never visited Sicily before. So far I’ve heard only good things about it, so if we get there as planned, there will be lots of treats waiting for us. For me, however, it will be a dream come true just to enjoy the sea breeze and the views over the fabulous Mediterranean. I’m also looking forward to the company of a dear friend. Everything that comes on top of that, will be considered a bonus.



For days now I’ve already been zoned out, unfocused, in transition to vacation mood, dreaming about warm rays of sun, lazy mornings and timeless afternoons turning slowly into unhurried evenings. When there are no papers to mark, lessons to plan or reports to write, I choose to dream. What luxury it is, to spend an entire day dreaming!

Sometimes at work I dream about curling up in my sofa at home, seeking warmth under my woolen blanket, especially in February when it’s been bone-gnawing cold for four months. Other times I dream about sitting on a cliff by the sea in the summertime, talking with a good friend, all through the nightless night. However, quite often, like now, I dream about adventure, new places and new people, taking off to the unknown and opening up to something new.

When I dream, I never hold myself back or say no to anything that sounds like fun. I have all the time and money in the world, and not single a worry in my mind. Dreaming makes me happy and relaxed. It gives me energy and inspiration. It leaves me refreshed and ready to face all the challenges that the world decides to throw at my feet. For me, to dream is to renew, to recharge and to revive.


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