Half-Remembered Dream

I won’t forget that early morning when something in my dream woke me. The house was quiet. A dream I had tried to tell me something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I got up, dressed and took the dog for a walk in the forest.


Our path started on top of a hill overlooking a valley where the mist was growing lighter. Stinging rays of sun pierced through the treetops and plowed their way across the mist. It was a losing battle for the mist. Time for the new queen to ascend to the throne. The coolness of the night felt cold in my feet but the warm promise of a summer day caressed my cheeks. How long had it been since morning was as glorious as this one? The sun felt light but I felt lighter than the sun.


Two swans flew over us and their cries startled me. They landed on a shallow creek at the bottom of the valley, breaking the perfect mirror image on the surface of the still water. Ripples made their way in the water the same way as the echo of their cries in the air. It was too soon to say whether they would stay or not. I was hoping they would, and quickly checked that my camera was on. Was someone flying in my dream? I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was me?


A little frog jumped across the path, almost disappeared under a leaf, but suddenly turned around and zigzagged back again. Soon it would catch my dog’s attention. Another frog appeared from underneath the blueberries and for a moment it looked like they were exchanging information, perhaps about where to go, or maybe about the errands to run that day, and off they went, so quickly that I wondered if they really had been there at all. More than the frogs, I was still trying to find the lost pieces of my dream, but they seemed to be disappearing even faster than the two little wanderers.


Then I remembered. All of a sudden. Without a warning. In the middle of blueberries and ferns. The warmth from the sun on my cheeks, the coolness of the mist on my feet. I met someone at the creek. She wrote something in her notebook and I asked to see it. She said no. And I wondered if she was me.



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