Ripples on the Water

Up in this latitude, a November walk starts with a sunrise and ends in a sunset. There’s no time to go over today’s schedule or fix a quick lunch when the few rare rays of light pierce through pines and spruces. You have to seize the moment. Soak in the daylight. Nevermind the ‘what if it rains?’.


Look for an open place to catch the sun that does not find the strength to surpass the treetops. Linger by reflective surfaces, such as lakes and ponds, in order to maximize the energy from the weary sustainer of life. Remain focused  and free from worry to appreciate the moment.


There were two good hours of light today. Both of which I managed to savor. The lake near by was waking up from a wet night, clearing up mist and draining off droplets when we arrived. Birch branches streched their arms to the sun, exactly the way I wanted to, longing for a long hug of warmth. Ripples on the water reminded me of the rain that didn’t seem to end.


When we entered the forest, the sun was still out, desperately trying to dry off the moss and the pines, which did not resist, but instead merely grinned at the unlikeliness of the task at hand. I took a detour off-path to follow the light that seemed to be fading off. The moss was pealing off the cliffs under my feet, like a soaked sponge. I soon realized it was a battle lost. We took a spot to enjoy the moment and just stood there for a while. In the distance we heard the black grouse lekking.


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