Mother Nature

It is the first real winter day of the year. The kind when snow sparkles and forms heaps in the best possible powdery way. One of those days when you can hear your footsteps crunching and winter clothes rustling. Just in time for the first day off and the timeless days. Almost like mother nature had thought that why waste it for the ones who stay indoors.


As I walk by the lake there is a family walking a dog close to the shore. The kids can’t resist walking on the ice, poking it with sticks and jumping on it to see if it breaks. One of them throws a stick to the dog and with every throw he asks a question, challenging his parents to a conversation with him instead of each other. “What did you want to become when you were kids?” His mother says she wanted to become a vet and his father says he wanted to become a rally driver. “Didn’t you want to become happy?” the kid asks and the parents look at each other smiling and answer him that they are very happy, and what a silly question that is. “How can a person become happy?” he then asks, despite the feedback he got for his last question. His parents look at each other again, now baffled, but decide to venture a try to his philosophical question. “Well, I guess it’s important try not to worry about things that don’t really matter that much. Try to find the most important things in life and take care of them. Like for example be nice to the people that are important to you.” they explain, taking turns filling in sentences as they go on. The kid throws the stick twice without a question, taking time to let the thought sink in. With the third throw he then asks “Mom, why did you want to become a vet?” At that point I’m so far away I can’t hear her answer anymore, but I can hear their voices as the discussion continues on the snowy lake.


Like so many times before I wonder how cold and warm can exist at the same time in the same place. The sun looks warm when the snow looks cold. The tip of my nose is an icicle when my heart basks in tender warmth. Isn’t it funny how the warmth seems to feel even warmer when it’s cold?




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